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Vision & Mission

The Life Ball, which takes place annually inside Vienna City Hall, is one of the biggest AIDS charity events in the world. The aim: to help affected people in an unconventional way and to fight against the taboo status of HIV/AIDS in our society. Therefore, Life Ball is an exuberant festivity that celebrates life and makes a loud statement in the fight against HIV and AIDS – resounding across the boundaries of Vienna and Austria.

The broad national and international attention is particularly necessary, since the Life Ball also serves as voice of HIV positive people or people suffering from AIDS. The threat through AIDS is still present in the whole world; the HI-virus is deadly. HIV and AIDS can affect everybody regardless of gender, age, social status or sexual orientation.

Not allowing this serious background to be forgotten, thought-provoking moments during the 2-hour Life Ball Opening Ceremony at the city hall square and moving speeches of international AIDS activists make for the necessary awareness raising. The fundraising via the Life Ball and its actionism with the aim to raise donations for important aid projects, are significant and indispensable instruments in order to publicly discuss the topic AIDS and create awareness for it in population.

Numerous people are dedicated to the Life Ball and its goals and volunteer their talent, time and commitment. Without these “Life Ball Angels” the elaborated realization of the Life Ball would not be possible.

The city of Vienna with its generous support also greatly contributes to the Life Ball. The Vienna city hall as an event location particularly shows the cosmopolitanism, tolerance and social responsibility of Vienna. The Life Ball was the first AIDS charity event worldwide to take place in a political building.

Furthermore a high number of national and international commercial partners contributes to the success of the ball with money and allowances in kind – thus enabling AIDS LIFE, the charitable association behind Life Ball, to support HIV/AIDS projects of renowned partner organisations.

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