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Life Ball Tickets 2014 – FAQs

Where & when can I buy tickets for Life Ball 2014?

There are three different ticket options available for Life Ball 2014, depending on whether you

• wear fanciful/fabulous styling or elegant evening attire
• come with friends or with customers/business partners
• come in pairs or in a group
• put your main focus on experiencing a unique party night in the name of solidarity or on exclusive networking


1) Regular ticket sale
The regular ticket sale for the Life Ball 2014 took place from March 23 to April 3 in cooperation with the Austrian newspaper “Kronen Zeitung”. As we want everybody interested in a ticket to have equal chances of receiving one of the 3,780 Life Ball Tickets despite the high demand, the purchase options were allocated by drawing lots. Therefore, it was unfortunately not possible to guarantee you a ticket or to bindingly book one in advance – it is Fortuna, the goddess of luck, that decided who was able to purchase Life Ball tickets.

Those who purchase Style Tickets agree to the Dress Code & Styling Conditions.


2) VIP Tickets & Tables
You still have the opportunity to take advantage of the all-inclusive VIP Ticket to spend the night in an exclusive ambience. Closely experience the Life Ball Opening Ceremony on Vienna City Hall Square from the VIP grandstand, before starting into a special Life Ball night. The entire Grand Festive Hall of the Vienna City Hall turns into a flourishing VIP-Lounge, offering entertainment until the morning hours with a top-class show program and performances of internationally renowned artists. Culinary delightsround off your VIP experience.

VIP Ticket: EUR 750 per person
Watch the colorful Red Carpet entrance of celebrity guests and the 2-hour Opening Ceremony before being spoiled with all extras of a top-class Life Ball Party! Service included:

  • Regular Ticket for Life Ball 2014
  • Red Carpet Access to the ball area
  • Seat on the roofed VIP grandstand during the Life Ball Opening Ceremony
  • Access to the VIP-Lounge in the Grand Festive Hall of the Vienna City Hall (limited seating opportunities)
  • Exclusive show program
  • Exquisite finger food
  • Complete range of drinks on the VIP grandstand and in the Grand Festive Hall (champagne, spirits, wine, beer, soft drinks)

VIP Table seating 12: EUR 3,000
VIP Ticket holders have the exclusive possibility to reserve a lounge table seating 12 in the Grand Festive Hall. This guarantees seating at a specially designed lounge table and offers the opportunity to spend the Life Ball night with friends or business partners in a particularly pleasurable way. Lucullan delights will be served directly at your table.  

On top of included VIP Ticket services are:

  • Lounge Table for you and your guests (max. 12)
  • Culinary delights & beverages on your table
  • Personal table service

Please note: Guaranteed seating in the Grand Festive Hall during the whole Life Ball night is only possible with a VIP Table. VIP Ticket holders only can make reservations for a VIP Table.

You can reserve your VIP Tickets und VIP Tables for Life Ball on 31 May 2014 now. As there is a limited capacity for both categories it is recommended to place your reservations soon.

This ticket category is mostly tax deductible in Austria. For all countries of the European Union – outside Austria – applies: according to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) the deductibility as donation depends on the respective national law. We recommend to consult a national tax advisor.

For further information or reservations please contact:
Curt Shertzer, or +43 /1/ 595 56 00 – 22.


3) AIDS Solidarity Gala 2013
Prior to Life Ball 2014 an exclusive Gala hosted by UNAIDS and AIDS LIFE will be held in the Viennese Hofburg Palace. Besides delicious lucullan pleasures its 250 selected guests can expect a live auction of unique auction items and special musical performances before they are shuttled directly to the Life Ball opening. Representatives from renowned international partner organizations of AIDS LIFE such as UNAIDS attended the Gala together with other high-level Ambassadors of goodwill and personalities from politics, business and art. The purchase of a table or seat is combined with the entry to the Life Ball 2014.

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Hofburg Palace
Vienna, Austria

05:00 pm Cocktail Reception
06:00 pm Gala Dinner with auction and entertainment
09:30 pm Life Ball Opening Ceremony at Vienna City Hall Square
11:30 pm Life Ball inside Vienna City Hall

Black tie

• Cocktail Reception
• Exquisite Gala Dinner
• VIP seating for the Opening Ceremony of Life Ball 2014
• VIP area in the Vienna City Hall during the entire Life Ball 2014

(You could make reservations per seat or for a table seating 10 persons)

Per person: EUR 2,500
Complete table booking: EUR 20,000

For all countries of the European Union – outside Austria – applies: according to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) the deductibility of your participation at the AIDS Solidarity Gala 2014 as donation depends on the respective national law. We recommend to consult a national tax advisor.

Further information:
Mag. Magdalena Schuster
Tel: +43-1-595 5600 – 24

Regular ticket sale:

What is the difference between Regular and Style Ticket?

Regular Ticket
This ticket category is first choice for every ball guest who would like to attend in classy and elegant evening attire.

Style Ticket
In contrast, the Style Ticket is designed for ball guests with a knack for creativity and an urge to get styled and contribute to the success and visual opulence of the Life Ball. It’s an attractive alternative to the Regular Ticket and its lower price pays tribute to special efforts for an imaginative outfit and true Life Ball experience. Within the festive Life Ball Entrée owners of Style Tickets have the privilege of walking down the Red Carpet, presenting their gorgeous costumes and styles.

The access to the Red Carpet is monitored by the Life Ball Style Police: They welcome all guests at the entrance and check whether styling and outfit meet the criteria of the Style Bible (information about the Style Bible can be found below) or not. If this is not true, an extra charge needs to be paid – up to the price of a Regular Ticket at the most.

Please note: Even if the Life Ball is a deliberate reinterpretation of the classical Viennese ball tradition, we ask for your understanding that participating in jeans, sneakers or any other form of casual wear is not possible – regardless of the chosen ticket category.


What is the Style Bible?
Every year a new Style Bible is created in order to inspire Life Ball guests’ creativity and to give orientation for the perfect outfit according to the actual motto. On this theme is made alive in an imaginative and sumptuous way to foster most opulent costumes and styling that make ticket holders not only guests, but active participants of the ball. Furthermore, you can find useful hints for an individual look and a list of providers for fancy make-up, costume and wig rental, textiles and special accessories.

The creation of a stunning costume for the Life Ball should be understood as a signal against narrow-mindedness and conservatism – your appearance is supposed to be spectacular and opulent. Your Life Ball styling then exerts influence on the emotion of viewers and the media and gives a visible sign in the fight against HIV and AIDS.


If I have a Regular Ticket, is it still possible to attend Life Ball with opulent styling?
You can of course dress up with a fancy costume even if you have a Regular Life Ball ticket. If your styling meets the criteria of the Style Bible, you also have the opportunity of a festive entry to the ball by walking down the Red Carpet.


When and where is the entry to the Life Ball?
Ticket holders receive detailed information about entry times, entrances and the guidance system via e-mail a few weeks before Life Ball. This information is also published on about one month before the ball. Experience shows that due to large rush there can be longer waiting times at some entrances.

We recommend to plan an adequate time buffer and to present yourself at the desired entrance on time.


Are there special ticket actions?
Yes, we have different ticket actions in the run-up to the Life Ball:

Life Ball Family
The special Life Ball Family offer for 2014 is over.

Heaven Special Life Ball Warm up

We have reserved 100 exclusive Life Ball tickets for friends of the gay scene, whereas the category (regular tickets for EUR 160 or Style Tickets for EUR 90) can be chosen as long as both categories are available. The tickets will be raffled at the traditional Life Ball Warm Up, each person may receive one ticket.

Venue: May 23, 2014 at the discotheque “Volksgarten Säulenhalle”
For more information visit

International packages

For international guests wanting to participate in the Life Ball 2014 we offer packages inclusive of a Life Ball ticket, air fare and accommodation in one of our partner hotels. Please find further information about bookings and our partner travel agencies here.

Should you have any questions please contact Curt Shertzer:
or +43 /1/ 595 56 00 – 22.


Is there a special area on the city hall square where owners of Life Ball tickets (Regular & Style Tickets) can watch the opening?
Holders of Regular and Style tickets have the opportunity to experience the opening show in separate areas that are located directly around the Red Ribbon stage. From there you can follow the opening at close range.


Can I witness the Life Ball opening without ticket?
Since 2000 the Life Ball opening show is held on city hall square where thousands of people can witness the opening live and for free. Spectator areas are located along the Red Carpet reaching to the Burgtheater – you can secure best places on a first come first served basis.

Those who want to have best view possible are recommended to present themselves on the area not later than 06.00 pm. The Life Ball’s gastronomy partners at the Vienna city hall square open from 03.00 pm and offer drinks and snacks to visitors and spectators.


Can I purchase seats at the grand stand for the Life Ball opening show in addition to my Regular or Style Ticket?
Due to limited capacities stand seating is only available in combination with a VIP Ticket (VIP Lounge or gallery table) or ticket for the AIDS Solidarity Gala and cannot be purchased separately.


Are there specific tables/seats inside the City Hall for holders of Regular or Style Tickets?
The Regular and Style Tickets include entry to the Life Ball inside Vienna’s City Hall but no separate tables for owners of this ticket category. If you wish to spend the Life Ball night at your own table, you have the possibility to book VIP lounge tables for a maximum of 12 VIP Ticket holders. For further information about VIP and gallery tables have a look at the question “Where & when can I buy tickets for Life Ball 2014?”.