Life Ball

(c) Robert Tober

The Life Ball Opening 2013 under the motto “1001 Nights”

Sir Elton John in his speech at Life Ball 2013

The poet W.H. Auden said “We must love one another, or die”. The Life Ball is one of the best expressions of that love that I know.

The HI-virus may be in the blood of 34 million human beings. But love is in the blood of every single human being.

21st Life Ball – 25 May 2013

Saving lives with imagination” was the link between Life Ball 2013 and its entertaining yet sensual source of inspiration: “1001 Nights”.

Everyone knows her, courageous Scheherezade, bravely fighting for her life during 1001 nights. Her adventurous and fairy-tale like stories attract the king’s curiosity night after night, and her inexhaustible fantasy eventually saves her life.

Opulently designed, guests of Life Ball 2013 were immersed into a fascinating world of poetry and fairy tales, mythical creatures and djinns, desirous poems and wise allegories – using fantasy to help people infected with HIV or suffering from AIDS.

Cover Life Ball Magazine 2013

Life Ball Magazine 2013

MINI Paceman by Roberto Cavalli

Life Ball MINI by Roberto Cavalli

Bill Clinton in his speech at Life Ball 2013

Before there was any global fund, before there was any American program, before the UN programme, even before the Elton John and my foundation, there was AIDS LIFE.

Life Ball Guest list

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Life Ball Party inside Vienna City Hall

© PIERRE et GILLES. “EFRIT”, 2013. Model: Tony Ward.

Official Life Ball poster 2013 by Pierre et Gilles

Life Ball Welcome Party

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Life Ball weekend 2013 – Facts & course of events



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Life Wall

LIFE WALL – the Social Media Wall of Life Ball 2013


Crystal of Hope 2013 donated by Swarovski for “The Girl Effect”

(c) Markus Morianz

Life Ball Style Bible 2013

(c) Bernhard Fritsch

Roberto Cavalli on the Life Ball Catwalk 2013