Life Ball

20 years of Life Ball

Celebrating the joy of life and the diversity of cultures, Life Ball since 1993 unites the Viennese ball tradition with opulence, extravagance, glamour, provocation, fancy performances, committed speeches as well as emotional moments.

The heart of the idea is hope – for a better future for people affected by HIV/AIDS.


Life Ball 2012

On 19 May 2012, the Life Ball was staged for the 20th running. It was to send a striking, sparkling and boisterous signal of hope in the fight against AIDS, which the AIDS LIFE Association has been committed to over the past two decades.

According to its motto “Fight the Flames of Ignorance” the anniversary ball dedicated to the element of fire formed the proper peak in a 4-year element cycle started in 2009 with sparkling outfits and performances.


Life Ball / © Alexander Wulz

Exuberant Life Ball-Opening in front of thw Vienna City Hall

perfectprops for Life Ball 2012, fotos © Philipp Rank /

Life Ball Program in the City Hall

Red Ribbon Celebration Concert

Red Ribbon Celebration Concert 2012

Life Ball / (c) Bernhard Fritsch

That was Life Ball 2012

Life Ball / (c) Rainer Gregor Eckharter

Life Ball Song 2012 „Blindfold“ available for download

© Rainer Gregor Eckharter

AIDS Solidarity Gala 2012

(c) MINI_Andreas Riedmann

Life Ball MINI 2012 by Franca Sozzani

Michel Sidibé – Executive Director UNAIDS

Through AIDS Life and the Life Ball, a social movement has been created to stop stigma and discrimination and to celebrate life. Young people are central to this movement. They are the new generation which will bring new energy and deliver on social justice and equity. They can end stigma and discrimination. They can stop new HIV infections. They can secure the future of AIDS.

We look forward to continuing our close partnership with Life Ball and to “Fighting the Flames of Ignorance” together.

Bill Clinton – Chair of the Clinton Health Access Initiative


When I give my own personal money, I look at what percentage of the dollars actually go to save lives or to achieve a certain objective. And I look at how effective they are.

This organization was the first organization in Europe, beginning in 1992, that was seriously, systematically, from the beginning committed to combating the AIDS epidemic and saving people’s lives. And every year they are getting better at it, every year they know more. And it’s just like anything else in life you do: the more you do it, the better you get at it. I’m honored to be associated with them and really grateful that they support us.

Guest list 2012


Whoopi Goldberg, Actress

We celebrate the fact, that nobody needs to hide because of AIDS.


The Life Ball: A powerful brand