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Social Spot 2014 –
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HIVmobil – Unique project of personal care at home

National Projects

Ever since it has been founded, AIDS LIFE has given financial support to the following national partners and projects (alphabetical order):

After Aids
AIDS-Dienst Malteser
Aids Hilfe Wien
Aids Hilfe Kärnten
Aidshilfe Oberösterreich
Aidshilfe Salzburg
AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark
AIDS-Hilfe Tirol
AIDS-Hilfe Vorarlberg
Aids Informationszentrale
Aktiv Positiv Leben
Anonyme Menschen HIV und AIDS
Buddy Verein
Christian Michelides
Club Plus
Club Plus Kärnten
Forschungsprojekt „Imuno Vanda“
Innsbrucker Universitätsklinik
Kinder Aids-Hilfe
Names Project Wien (HOSI Wien)
Pater Clemens
PosiHives Cafe
Positiv Leben
Positiver Dialog
Pulmologisches Zentrum
Rosa Lila Tip
AIDS-Hilfe Steiermark
Stiftung Kindertraum

Verein H.I.V.
Verein Lebensfreude
Verein Menschen und AIDS
XTRA! Verein für Gesundheitsinformation im HIV- AIDS- und STD-Bereich

How is the money used?

Generally speaking up to 600.000 Euros of the revenue per year go to national aid projects.

AIDS LIFE preferably supports organizations that provide direct help. Concerning the allocation of money AIDS LIFE also takes foundations that care for the social contacts of people with HIV/ AIDS into consideration, given that they provide the necessary structural requirements. Nationally the AIDS Help Vienna is the by AIDS LIFE most-favored organization.

Life Fact

In Austria there are one or two diagnosed new infections every day. 523 new infections with HIV were stated 2012. In 42.5% of the cases, the infection was acquired heterosexually.

Source: Aids Hilfe Wien


buddy Verein

Buddy Association

Ice-breaker against social coldness – Social AIDS

Ever since the middle of the 90s the medical treatment and care for people with HIV/ AIDS has made great progress in Austria. For many of the affected the illness still means discrimination, stigmatization and financial adversity.

For this reason Life Ball supports organizations and institutions that fight against the social ignorance within our society and help affected people to find their way back into social and work life.

Verein HIVmobil

Foundation HIV mobile

positiver dialog

Foundation Positive Dialogue

(c) Aids Hilfen

The Austrian AIDS Help

Life Fact

To date, 12.000 to 15.000 people have been infected with HIV in Austria.

Since 1983 nearly 2.000 people have died of AIDS related causes.

Source: Aids Hilfe Wien



Letter by an affected person