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AIDS LIFE, an independent non-profit organisation, was founded in 1992 by Life Ball mastermind Gery Keszler and Dr. Torgom Petrosian with the aim to raise funds for the much needed support of people who are HIV positive or living with AIDS. The annual Life Ball, Europe’s largest AIDS charity event, is the organization’s main source of income.

AIDS LIFE considers itself responsible to continuously promote awareness and public consciousness about HIV and AIDS. On top of organizing Life Ball and raising funds through the yearly event, numerous activities throughout the year are dedicated to education of the AIDS epidemic and promoting ways of prevention.

Half of Life Ball’s net proceeds are dedicated to support projects outside Austria. International aid in some of the worst affected countries in the world is given through the international partner organizations.


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The AIDS LIFE Board of Directors is responsible for allocating the available funds to selected projects and organizations in the field of HIV/AIDS in Austria. Applications for financial support are examined thoroughly before grants are approved and experts in the field are closely involved in the evaluation of the applications and selection process.

Donation seal of quality

AIDS LIFE carries the donation seal of quality seal which ensures a correct financial conduct as well as proper internal monitoring systems.

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Annual Report 2012

Bill Clinton – Chair of the Clinton Health Access Initiative


When I give my own personal money, I look at what percentage of the dollars actually go to save lives or to achieve a certain objective. And I look at how effective they are.

This organization was the first organization in Europe, beginning in 1992, that was seriously, systematically, from the beginning committed to combating the AIDS epidemic and saving people’s lives. And every year they are getting better at it, every year they know more. And it’s just like anything else in life you do: the more you do it, the better you get at it. I’m honored to be associated with them and really grateful that they support us.



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